Bottom Frame


This is not the exact script I am using. This one does not need any script in the frameset page. (index.html)

These are old GoLive actions scripts so you will see some GoLive elements here as well as the basic script.

All I can tell you about how it works is shown below. You can view source of the three pages involved in this sample of how the script works:

index.html - the frameset
bottomframe.html - the frame that the frameset calls 'bottom'
topframe.html - the frame that the frameset calls 'top'

In the two frame pages the information below is what has to change in every webpage you want to force into its proper location.

In line 11

<csaction name="d1a109d03" class="FrameMaker" type="onload" val0="index.html" val1="bottom"

Includes the name of the frameset [index.html] and the frame name [bottom] The script will test to see if this page [bottomframe.html] is being loaded into the proper frameset and frame. If not the script will force the frame to load correctly by loading the index.html which in turn loads everything where is should be.

In line 68

CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array(frameP,/*URL*/ 'index.html','bottom');

The proper frameset and frame names are inserted again. That's all I know about it. I am not very tech savvy and GoLive does most of the work for me. I get a form that I enter the desired frameset and frame name. Golive does the rest.


PS - I am tired and it's late and I know I did a very poor job trying to explain things. I think I even confused myself. If you know your stuff, a look at the scripts in the page source should tell you what you need to know. I haven't looked at this script in over 10 years. :-)